Real Estate video and 3D Matterport tours

Our specialty is high-quality real estate home video production in Perth, and we’re the experts in the technical specifications required in this industry. When taking photos of display home video production using the widest lens angle of a digital camera, you will often encounter what we call ‘barrel distortion’. The wide-angle lens position causes the edges of an image to look curved or skewed. Lines that you’d expect to appear perpendicular are not. Barrel distortion in is most noticeable when photographing a straight edge near the side of the frame, such as taking wide-angle shots of angular buildings, doors and edges of walls. Normally a still photographer can correct the distortion and adjust the images in Photoshop. With real estate video production, this is not possible and we are extremely proud of our new investment to avoid this distortion problem. I’m sure you have seen the seasick effect in videos. We have invested in a very expensive lens that is arguably the best ultra-wide angle lens available for display home video production in Perth, and you will notice the walls and doors in our videos are straight up and down without showing a fish-eye look that is very common in typical real estate videos.