Our Services

Our no-fuss, honest and efficient approach means everything is done in-house and you get your video out there faster.

How does it work? We’re with you at every stage creating your high quality promotional video, from the initial concept and filming through to post-production and media buying. It means there’s no wasting your valuable time with third parties trying to put it all together.




Including script and storyboard, we map out the entire project – working closely with you to make sure it’s exactly what will drive your business further.



Sit back and relax – we travel anywhere statewide to be onsite to film your production. And with our top quality equipment, you know your project’s in good hands. We use only the latest high-end Canon cameras with dolly support and jib for those sweeping shots that will lift your video as well as your business.


Post Production

We work fast and oven through the night to ensure your project is ready when you are. We use only professional people for voiceover work, and our long list of other post-filming services will make your video pop.


Media Buying

There’s no point having a fantastic new video if it’s not out there meeting new people! We can help you through the intimidating process of buying airtime on Perth’s biggest networks, as well as key regional stations like GWN. Our purchasing power means you get a much better rate than if you buy direct.



What does it cost to have a tv commercial produced?

Everything we do is done in-house and this allows us to keep our costs down to a rate that any small business can afford. We can produce a 15 second television commercial for as little as $950 plus GST and Free TV and satellite fees.


Do you do still photography of real estate homes as well?

Yes . We have invested in a spectacular ultra wide angle lens to show what the room feels like when looking around for interior shots. We use this lens for all our home videos as it has no distortion unlike normal wide angle lenses that make the rooms look distorted. You will notice the walls in our display videos to be straight up and down.