Use only CASA certified aerial (drone) cinematographers. Sadly, many offering aerial photography are not licensed and any insurance won’t be valid. It’s no secret aerial cinematography has shot through the roof with property professionals. Properties sell faster. With a birds’ eye view, aerial images give a sense of space and location of a home or block and its attractions. Using drone videos and photos to market your properties shows prospective sellers that you take advantage of every opportunity to make their property look awesome – and to stand out. That said, a drone will never be able to shoot ALL of the photography & video needed to market a listing. There are still certain kinds of photos and videos that a flying camera is not well suited for. Red Television Productions offer a complete service for photographs and video marketing. We can do it all at the one time and using high quality equipment. We use a full size M600 6 prop hexacopter shooting 4k footage to mix with our ground footage camera and photography. Red Television Productions offers a full licensed service with public liability insurance and UAV Operators Certificate. We offer a complete service from concept to completion including planning, filming and editing with still photography and video at great rates and a very fast turnaround. Imagine!… no more distorted interior images. See our video HERE Call Dennis Robinson today for obligation free quote and more information on 0408 770 310

See example of a drone video HERE